Scent Description

Alien Princess
A rich floral woody amber fragrance containing Arabian jasmine. Cashmeran wood and white amber. Similar to Alien perfume.

A classic male fragrance. Notes of green fruits, fresh sage and sandalwood. Similar to Lynx Apollo.

Baby Powder
Identical to the classic baby powder scent. A sweet and memorable smell of clean elegance.

Bakewell Tart
A sweet Bakewell tart fragrance with notes of vanilla, cherry and creamy almond.

A sparkling floral fragrance with bergamot sweetened by mandarin rests upon lily and ylang on a sandalwood and amber base.

Black Afgano
A masculine woody oriental accord with opening notes of grapefruit, lemon and rhubarb which lead to a rich heart of patchouli and cedar.

Choco Cappuccino
A comforting, rich, dark coffee bean sweetened with vanilla and chocolate.

Christmas Spice
A classic Christmas fragrance with lemon and orange zest, warmth from spices such as cinnamon, ginger, thyme and nutmeg.

Christmas Tree
Top notes of bergamot, lemon, white mint, grapefruit. Middle notes of clove and thyme. Base notes of woods, cedar and fir needle.

Cool Water
Top notes of peppermint and lavender, heart of coriander, jasmine, oak moss and geranium on a base of amber and musk. Similar to the Cool Water aftershave.

Detol Antiseptic
The classic first aid antiseptic clean scent.

Evening Snow
Top notes of frosted raspberry, orange and eucalyptus. Middle notes of red current and sage. Base notes of sandalwood and husk.

Executive Orange
An energising blend of apple, coriander seed and cardamom. Notes of frankincense and pepper on a base of vanilla, wood and patchouli. Similar to Boss Orange aftershave.

A light fragrance of Kiwi, quince, lychee, jasmine, musk and sensual woods. Similar to Fantasy perfume.

Fresh Linen
Similar to the popular classic blue fabric conditioner. Light, airy and wonderfully clean. Crisp white sheets billowing in the breeze.

Fresh Cut Grass
The fresh aroma of freshly cut green grass without the pollen.

Frosted Candy Apple
A mouth watering scent with red apple, a touch of peach and creamy caramel and sugar.

Galley Smoke
A sumptuous woody scent with sweet cedar, incense and earthy patchouli. Touches of silky musk and vanilla.

Golden Woodlands
An intense, woody aroma with rich notes of cedar, patchouli and grass with touches of pine. Lavender reaches into a smoky base of incense, labdanum and amber.

Hot Chocolate
A rich and sweet scent which smells good enough to taste.

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby
A full and sweet vanilla pod scent. Spicy and delicately floral. A perfect ice cream.

Ice Musk
A cool musky floral scent with warm musk, amber, vanilla and soothing patchouli combined with violet, lily, geranium and rose.

Juicy Bubblegum
The sweet, uplifting and fun aroma identical to juicy fruit gum. Notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple and citrus.

Freshly picked lavender flowers, bursting with floral aroma.

Lemon Sherbet
Bursting with sweet citrus aroma, uplifting crisp and zesty.

Lemongrass & Ginger
A mouth watering blend of ginger root, lemongrass with a hint of freshly grated lemon peel and coriander seed.

Lime Cooler
A zesty lime fragrance with notes of vanilla and coconut.

Love Potion
A lavishly lush combination of peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine Similar to Love Spell perfume.

Luxury Dreams
A luxurious level of lavender, silky vanilla and gentle cedar undertones. Similar to Dreams laundry boosters.

Mint Meditation
Notes of peppermint and spearmint with a touch of silky, delicate white tea.

Mulled Wine
Bursting with aromas of warm wine and sweet berries. Accompanied by bay, cinnamon and ginger on a vanilla base.

Muscle Soak
Similar to bubble bath of the same name with notes of sage and sea minerals.

Muscle Therapy
Similar to bubble bath of the same name with notes of black pepper & ginseng.

Sweet Orange fragrance identical to a freshly peeled ripe juicy orange.

Parma Violets
Just like the childhood sweet shop, this fragrance will bring the memories flooding back.

Red Hot Cinnamon
A full bodied scent identical to rich cinnamon powder. Perfect for spice lovers.

Red Moon
A lavender and bitter fresh orange scent. Aromatic Clary Sage and spearmint notes on an amber woody base. Similar to Luna Rossa aftershave.

A lush fragrance celebrating the beauty of rose, mingled with mimosa, magnolia and iris on a base of musk, patchouli and vanilla

Shimmering Spruce
A Christmas pine aroma blending eucalyptus, juniper and hints of peppermint. Fresh spruce, pine and woody undertones.

Strawberry Syrup
The sweet and indulgent aroma of the strawberry syrup you add to Ice cream. Bursting with sweet and fruity notes.

Summer Breeze
Spring flowers with hints of patchouli and white cedar. A revitalising and uplifting scent. Similar to a popular fabric conditioner.

Suzy's Millions
A trail of white fresh notes that spill into patchouli. A fresh floral scent. Similar to Lady Million perfume.

Thai Lime & Mango
A fresh tropical fruity fragrance opening with lemon, lime, cassis, pineapple mango and passion fruit, peach and plum on a base of musk and dried fruits.

Ultra Violet
An exotic mix of fresh spicy and velvety floral notes. Similar to the Ultra Violet Perfume.

The Man
Top notes of mint, artemisia, cardamom, bergamot, lavender orange blossom on a base of sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean. Similar to Le Male aftershave.

Vapour Rub
A classic fresh scent of eucalyptus and menthol. Perfect to clear a congested nose.

Welcome Home
A warm & cosy fragrance top notes of lemon, anise, oats and ginger. Spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. Finished in frosted vanilla and honey.