Welcome to Kalliness Kreations

Make your home smell like a designer dwelling.

Kalliness Kreations is a home fragrance supplier based on the Shetland Isles. We supply candles, wax melts, room sprays and diffusers with more products to follow soon. We are CLP compliant and fully insured.

Shetland is an island located at the very north of Scotland where the wildlife thrive and the scenery is truly breath taking.

All Kalliness Kreations uses eco friendly ingredients and are hand made with care.

Our melts are a suitable for electric and tea light burners.

Welcome 2024

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately I had the Shetland Flu and spent most of it in bed. Hope you all have a prosperous and wonderful 2024.

Fancy a clean fresh start to 2024 during some spring cleaning?

Luxury Dreams

Luxury Dreams

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Zoflo Linen Fresh
Zoflo Linen Fresh

Zoflo Linen Fresh

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