June 2018 - Reviews, news and new scents!

Stuart Terris

Hello and welcome from Kalliness Kreations!

Things have been busy lately with reviews from all corners of the UK. From room sprays to melts to candles its been a busy time.

Many thanks to everyone who placed an order, testers who gave feedback and some amazing posties (more later).


A review by a home expert "The Home Genie" Georgina Burnett happened on 9th June. She's quite famous in the industry as she's featured in the Metro newspaper lately and also in "25 Beautiful homes" magazine for the work she completed around her home. From tips and tricks to reviews of products, hotels, vlogs as well as presenting at award ceremonies and on the TV, the lady knows what she's on about. You can read the review here and there's also a facebook live link too (also provided on our facebook pages).   I recommend joining her group "The Home Genie" as she has great idea's for around your home too.

Other reviews from customers on our Facebook page and community have been very helpful and grateful. Thank you so much for placing your orders and giving feedback! We love our products just as much as you and its great to share our experiences.

The 6 designer fragrances have proved really popular as room sprays as they can be used as linen sprays too. A couple of squirts onto a duvet can instantly freshen up a stale spare room and give it that extra touch that lasts for over 8 hours (confirmed by a few customers). Also we've found our designer wax melts can last upto 6 days at 8 hours per night!


Parma violets and strangely Vicks Vapour rub have also been very popular especially as candles. Keep those noses clear!

New Products

We've launched our new starter kits today that have everything you need. A wax burner, tea lights and 6 wax samples. The only thing you need to provide is a match. Its the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to start experiencing our wax melts.

New Fragrances

As well as our first 12 fragrances, another 6 have been added. These are available as wax melts, candles, sprays and diffusers.

Choco Cappuccino : A comforting, rich, dark coffee bean sweetened with vanilla and chocolate.

Juicy Bubblegum : The sweet, uplifting and fun aroma identical to juicy fruit gum. Notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple and citrus.

Lime Cooler : A zesty lime fragrance with notes of vanilla and coconut. Was so nice to make this!

Orangeade : Sweet Orange fragrance identical to a freshly peeled ripe juicy orange. Think of it as non diet full fat Fanta. This was making my mouth water when making these and is now!

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby : Not a throw back tune but a full and sweet vanilla pod scent. Spicy and delicately floral. So much like ice cream and not a standard vanilla scent.

Strawberry Syrup : Whats better than Ice Cream? Ice Cream with strawberry sauce on the top! This sweet and indulgent aroma bursts with sweet and fruity notes.

Amazing Posties

A customer asked for an order to be rushed through and to my surprise an order I sent arrived the next day! Thats an Island in the middle of the ocean to an address approx 500 miles away and it arrived next day. Thats some service Royal Mail! 

Around Shetland?

We're soon to get another TV camera crew up again. Spring Watch have just left and Shetland TV crime series starts filming again very soon. Our famous bearded seal is still hanging around, been 5 weeks now, on her holidays from the Arctic. I think she's waiting for a cameo part on TV!


Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone out there!

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